Winter 2019e.v. at Black Sun Lodge

Winter Quarter 2019e.v. has begun at Black Sun Lodge in the Valley of Cleveland.  Please see our calendar for all event dates, times, and locations.  Here are some of the events you can look forward to:

Special Winter events

• Special guest Richard Kaczynski – January 2019
Registration information and class schedule coming soon.

• Special guest Tau Asteria – February 2019
Registration information and class schedule coming soon.

• Beginning on 19 March – Holy Season Discussion Group
Golden Thread Camp hosts a nightly discussion on the Holy Books of Thelema, in which several members of Black Sun Lodge participate. These discussions continue until the Three Days of The Writing of The Book of The Law. More info at: Holy Season Discussion Group

Ongoing classes and events

• Weekly Sunday Gnostic Mass – please arrive by 1:15pm.

• Meet & Greets
Interested in the O.T.O.? Would you like to find out more about the Gnostic Mass? At this event, we will be happy to meet with you and answer your questions. Please note that attending this meeting does not automatically denote association or membership to O.T.O. To help figure out who we are when you get there, look for a red Book Of The Law on the table.
We hold Meet & Greets in Bedford and Oberlin.  Check our calendar for locations and dates.

• EGC for the Laity
Looking for deeper discussion into Thelema and the Gnostic Mass but aren’t interested in serving as clergy? Come learn more about our faith, share some thoughts of your own and enrich your experience as a member of the Congregation.

• Gnostic Saints Discussion
Join us for this month’s exploration into our Gnostic Saints! Check our calendar to find out what Saints we will discuss each month.

• Foundations of the O.T.O.
What the O.T.O. is and isn’t. This monthly series will discuss founding documents and policy papers of the O.T.O., with any related official addenda and commentaries thereon, plus the history of a few documents that are strictly not policy, but frequently mistaken as such.

• Introduction to O.T.O.
Join Black Sun for our monthly open house event! There will be a short presentation on what the O.T.O., followed by a Q&A, tour of the Lodge, and light refreshments.

• Thelema Study Group at New Moon, Lakewood, OH
In Cairo, Egypt in 1904. Aleister Crowley entered a state of trance and wrote down the three chapters of 220 verses that came to be called The Book of the Law (also known as Liber Al and Liber Legis). Among other things, this book declared: “The word of the law is Thelema” and “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” This group will discuss and study the Law of Thelema at this session each month.
New Moon in Lakewood

• OUT, PROUD, & PAGAN at the Greater Cleveland LGBT Center
a safe place, where ‘OUR’ Pagan community can gather, learn and celebrate. We aim to share what we have learned and grow in understanding of what being Queer and Pagan means. Come and celebrate those places and times at the intersection of your sexuality and magical practice.

• Friday Night Tarot Salon
Enjoy wine, hookah, and Tarot! We will discuss a different card each month. $5 for non-foundational members and guests.

• The Sephiroth
A bimonthly examination of the structure of the Tree of Life, particularly the Sephiroth, their natures and functions. Primarily from a western mystery tradition POV, but also in terms of traditional Hebrew qaballah.

• Games Night @ Black Sun
Come join the members of Black Sun in a fun evening of gaming! Whether you’re into heavy strategy games or lighthearted party games, we’ll have a wide selection to choose from. Come and join us in a friendly, inclusive environment.

Please see our calendar for all event dates and times, plus location and any additional information.

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