Support Black Sun!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

As some of you may know, Black Sun Oasis has recently acquired a large new space, and we will be cleaning and beginning to move things over to the new space at the beginning of next month.  We will need to do a build-out on the kitchen, we need to get new curtain supports for the Mass altar and there are several things that need to be repaired before we can make the space workable for our needs.

With this mind, we would like to set up a fund-raising effort to offset the extra expenses associated with the move.  If it be your Will to help us in this effort, we would appreciate any help you are willing to give.  In the spirit of livening it up, we thought it would be fun to run the fundraiser like public television does, and offer fun gifts as a thank you for your support. One of our brothers has designed a logo for this effort and we are offering limited edition items with this logo incorporated for different levels of giving, as described below:

$25-$49 – your choice of a die-cut pin or a canvas tote bag.

$50-$74 – your choice of a travel mug  or a T-Shirt.

$75-$99 – a messenger bag

$100 -$124 – a “swag bag” consisting of all three of the above options.

$125 and above – a “swag bag” plus your name engraved on a plaque that will be displayed in a prominent place in our new temple space.

Any contribution below $25 will be acknowledged by letter of thanks from the officers at Black Sun Oasis.  This letter will also accompany all of the above mentioned gifts.

We are looking to run the fundraiser through the end of April, so if you would like to make a series of smaller donations from now until then, the donations will accumulate to the level you have reached at the end.  For instance, if you contribute $5 this month and $20 next month, you would get your choice of a pin or a tote.  This applies all the way up to the highest level we have set.

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful support!

Love is the law, love under will.