Happy New Year!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Greeting of the spring Equinox, and best wishes as we enter into the 114th year of the New Aeon, Anno Viv! This year is signified by Atu IV: The Emperor.

This past year at Black Sun Lodge has been filled with many events and constant, positive change. And this year shall continue the traditions of excellence and growth for us as well! As you can see, we’ve recently completely redone our website, allowing for greater flexibility and communication on our end, and convenience on yours. We’re really proud of the the new site!

We’ve had the honor of hosting a number of events from out of town brethren, and this year will prove no different. Check out Sister Lynn’s upcoming class on Magick & The Japanese Tea ceremony in April! This is a unique and awesome look at an ancient tradition, and how it can be brought into western ceremonial practices.

We’ll also be rolling out some new classes, both at the Lodge and online. Watch for announcements here and on our social media sites in the coming weeks!

As always, Black Sun Lodge is a community, and we can’t be successful without each and every individual and what they bring to the community. I can’t appreciate enough the Stars that come to us to celebrate Life, Light, Love, and Liberty. Whether you come to us interested in community, initiation, or spiritual practices, you have a home here at Black Sun; a home made by you!

Bright blessings for the year!

Love is the law, love under will.

In The Bonds Of The Order,

Master, Black Sun Lodge