Black Sun Space Update

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I would like to take a moment to update everyone on our progress with the Temple. This past weekend, we finished up the painting which has been a rather large chore. I thank everyone who has come forward to help out with this. We will be working on getting the floors cleaned up this week and putting lights up in the Temple room. Hopefully, we will be able to have the floor finished by the beginning of March. We will then be moving in furniture and getting things rolling with the finishing touches.

I wanted to send out a reminder, that the private list is going to be for members only as of March 20, 2011 e.v. If you are not a member of Black Sun, you will be removed from this list. To be considered a member of the list, you must contribute either $31.00 or three or more hours to Black Sun. Affiliate and Associate members are still valuable and important to the body, but contribute less to the body (either financially or with volunteer time). Those who would be considered Student members must contribute $11.00 per month and some volunteer time to the body. If you have any questions about any of these designations, please contact me, and I would be happy to discuss them with you.

I want to be clear about the expenses that Black Sun has so that our members will see how their support is affecting the body. For the month of January, Black Sun Oasis paid $500 for meeting space, $40 for water and trash disposal, $203.02 for gas, and $162.94 for electric. These expenses do not include any of the cleaning materials or hard work that was contributed to the body in the effort to get the Temple in usable condition. Your contributions, dues, and donations make paying these expenses possible.

So far, we have had two initiations and one lecture meeting in the new space. I expect that as the weather warms up the gas and electric charges will drop (hopefully significantly). As I mentioned above, we are coming to the end of our preliminary labor to get the space ready for us and will soon be able to move to performing regular maintenance cleaning. There are a few other projects that we will be working on in the next few months and more details will be coming about them.

As we now have a dedicated space for the body, there is no longer any need for us to cancel or reschedule meetings or events. Events will be scheduled and unless there is a dire emergency, we will adhere to that schedule. I understand that sometimes things come up and that life happens, but the work of the body will be independent of such demands. It is very important to me that when we say we are going to do a thing, that we do that thing on schedule. We are working to see if there is a way that members will be able to access a common calendar of Black Sun events to avoid any miscommunications. We will also send out reminders two weeks in advance of our schedule to assure that everyone is informed of our events. Ultimately, the burden of making the events of Black Sun Oasis a priority is the responsibility of the membership. We will be putting the calendar together for the next quarter very soon.

I would like to urge those who have not contributed yet to do so. Black Sun’s new Temple is for all of those who would call it home and value it as such. It is a place for us to come together away from the everyday mundane to celebrate our rituals and ourselves. Again, I thank those who have contributed their time, energy, and resources to helping us with the new space. I know that it has been a lot of work to get things ready, and I appreciate everything people have been willing to do to help out.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.